About Kellyann

Me nestled with my favorite tree, the Parkhurst Elm (now deceased)

I am a biblical scholar, freelance indexer and editor, gardener, lay minister, wild foods gatherer, amateur tracker and naturalist, snowshoer, and hiker. I live in Vermont, in the foothills of the Green Mountains, with my spouse, cats, and garden. I am fascinated by science, food, God, sexuality, animals, and good books, especially the poetry of Mary Oliver.

While I believe in the separation of church and state, I have never believed in the separation of body and spirit.

I don’t mind sharing, as long as you cite me as your source.

6 thoughts on “About Kellyann”

  1. I have spent most of this summer trying to find a tree like the one above to sit under. No success yet though. It’s been too wet 😦

  2. Yo, yo, yo I was wondering if you could send me a .pdf of your dissertation Creation, Crisis, and Comedy. I hope you aren’t offended, I’m a poor seminary student at George Fox in Portland, OR trying to get a grapple on an ecocritical hermeneutic. Cheers!

    • Hi Beorn–I am not at all offended! Can you give me your email address? I’d just like to talk to you a bit more before sending you a copy of my dissertation. I’d really love to hear more about your own take on ecocriticism and texts your interested in. Thanks!

      • I’ve read Greening Paul and some other stuff but everything I’ve read is pretty utilitarian/anthropocentric. I haven’t actually read a book on ecocriticism. Is there anything doing an ecocritical reading of the bible? Maybe you’re working on that right now. I’m ready for suggestions, but I was hoping your paper would motivate me to engage in that vein this summer and with my school bullshit. This summer, along with studying permaculture (I’m taking a PDC led by Toby Hemenway, actually Ched Myers is doing a permaculture design course next spring with a theologic backbone I’m looking forward to, ah I digress), I plan to read “American Indian Literature, environmental Justice and Ecocriticism” and “Scripture, Culture, and Agriculture: An Agrarian Reading of the Bible.” I actually just switched my program from MDiv with a concentration in Christian Earthkeeping to a masters in intercultural studies, but instead of a bunch of old white dudes telling me stuff about intercultural studies the North American Institute for Indigenous Studies is doing the teaching, so I get to learn from the oppressed. The more I become informed and interested in sustainable agriculture, education, and community building I come to conclusions already reached by the people who were here before us. At any rate I was invited to do this program and I am really hoping to develop a non-western worldview and be able to navigate between the two. I’ve always been a tree humping hippie, but actually moving away from anthropocentrism has been mostly conceptual for me, can we quell the dualism of western philosophy in one fell swoop?

        E-mail: mcumings12@georgefox.edu

        P.S. Did you like Union, how was your experience there? What brought you to your field? I wanted to go there just to try to touch the hem of Cornel West’s jacket and give James Cone a high five. Cheers!

  3. Nancy Shaw said:

    You responded to my remark on Anglican Memes about Catholic Lite. When I noticed your owl contact picture, I checked out your Facebook page and liked your other photos which led me to this site where I found that I like what you wrote. I live in southwest Louisiana in a mostly conservative parish (counties are parishes here) where the KKK is still active. I don’t have much in common with my immediate neighbors, but do have a number of progressive friends nearby. My husband has a cattle ranch and I benefit from being able to enjoy the wildlife (well, some if it since I’m a city girl at heart). I’d like to follow you because I might discover new stuff.

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