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Benediction for Blessed Bodies

May all who hear these words today
be blessed:
with the holiness of love,
with all good pleasures of the body,
with joy in creation.
Go forth in peace,
knowing in your heart that
you are blessed,
knowing in your bones
that God is good.



On Sunday we’ll be reading the Song of Songs and a wonderful love poem by Rumi, talking about embodied spirituality and eroticism in spirituality, and the goodness of the body and all created things. I wrote this benediction because there is a dearth of body- or eros-inclusive prayers out there. I think my goal for my first book is to collect beautiful and valuable readings, poems, litanies, and other aids to liturgies that celebrate our God-given bodies and our God-given pleasures. Anyone who wants to help, drop me a line.


by Kellyann Wolfe