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In celebration, I recommend you read this joyous, beautiful post on transgender wholeness and theology by Sarah Moon:

“Until about a year and a half ago, I knew next to nothing about trans* people. I’d been taught growing up that God created us male and female and that there were people in the world who were rebelling against God’s creation, trying to be something they were not–men trying to be women, women trying to be men. These people were to be feared by Christians because they broke God’s intended mold for manhood and womanhood.

“What I’d learned was wrong.

“In fact, the more I listened to the stories of real trans* people (the first stories I ever heard were actually on an episode of MTV’s True Lifenow I have a couple of trans* friends and twitter followers and I’m still in the process of listening and learning), the more I realized that if Christians really believed what we say we believe about Christ, then the Church would be at the forefront of the trans* rights movement. The Church is not at the forefront, obviously. The Church either ignores trans* people completely or perpetuates ignorance and hatred toward them.  The more I learn about trans* people, though (and I’m new at this and still have much to learn and much privilege to face), the more convinced I am that the Church’s treatment of trans* people shows that the Church doesn’t truly believe the theology that they teach.”

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