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Tim and I adopted three new chickens recently, from someone who had “inherited” a large flock and didn’t really have space for them all.  My dad asked me to take pictures of them so he’d know who’s who when he and my stepmom come to visit this summer.

Here are our three-year-old hens, whom we raised from chicks.

This is from December, when Tim was building the hay bale winter pen. Buffy the Buff Orpington is on top of the hay. Sasha (facing right) and Malia (facing left) are Golden Comets, and named in honor of the first daughters.

Buffy close-up.

Malia has a very crown-like comb.

Sasha in my puffy-coat shadow.

Here are the new girls!

Here are Rocky, Bullwinkle, and Angela taking their first dust-bath in months!

Bullwinkle is a Barred (Plymouth) Rock, bigger than her sister Rocky. Unfortunately I don't have a good close-up of Rocky.

Angela is (we think) a black sex-link, so called because these Barred Rock/Rhode Island Red crosses are easily sexed after hatching: the hen chicks are all-black, the cock-chicks are black with a white spot on their forehead. (Golden Comets are also sex-links, not a true breed.)
We named Angela in honor of Angela Davis, because she is a fierce activist with a lot to say about prisoner rights.

Here they are all together - Angela, Bullwinkle, Rocky, Malia, Buffy, and Sasha - roosting for the night.