Laundry basket Soph

Garden basket Soph

Soph is a British Shorthair.  Her full name is Soph Pasuq, but she is also know as The Sophinator.  Soph enjoys playing with little fake mice, drinking out of the bathtub, and repeatedly running over us in the morning to wake us up.

Washbasin Soph

Chunks in the Window with Parsley

Chunks: Close-Up

Chunks in sunlight

Chunks is, believe it or not, a Maine Coon/British Shorthair mix.  I know because I’ve met both her parents.  Her original name was Nymphadora Tonks, but through the process of our mishearing the word “Tonks” and then laughing about it, she became known as Chunks, even though she is long and skinny.



Chunks enjoys stalking mice for hours at a time, chasing string until she gets dizzy, and sitting on our chests, purring, while we try to go to sleep at night.

Soph and Chunks share the love seat








They mostly get along.  Both believe that the wood stove (which is named “Calcifer”) is their best friend.



We used to live here.

Union cloisters at dusk










Now we live here.





We used to worship at this church.

God's Eye window at Saint John the Divine

Day of Action against Climate Change









Now we worship here . . .





. . . and here.

View from Camel's Hump

It’s a good life.