Blessing for Those Who Love What Is Mortal


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Blessed are you when you
love the small things of this world,
the mortal and small,
the helpless,
the soft.

Blessed are your tears,
blessed your soft and broken hearts.

Kellyann and Corva

[cn: pet loss, scatology, cancer]

The poem above is something I wrote after Tim and I realized it was time to say goodbye to Corva. Disabled since youth by IBD and other autoimmune problems, he now has a large tumor in his bowel. After months of good days, it’s mostly bad days now. He’s a little over five years old.

A friend said, “I’m so glad he’s had you to care for him,” and that made me feel less sorry, more glad that he had us, too. Another family might not have kept a cat that needed bathing after every other time he used the litter box, or needed expensive food, or racked up lots of vet bills. We have given him an amazing life, filled with adventures and friends from all over the world.

He is so smart, so loyal, so funny and loving. Truly the World’s Most Interesting Cat.

Corva and Tim on a walk, May 2020.