The Blessing of Fire


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I am trying to think of a blessing for this time.
A time when peace is far off,
when justice is elusive,
when health and wholeness are nowhere to be found.

I want to bring you a blessing.
So I bring you truth.
No veils to soften it,
no sugar to sweeten it.
Just truth: stark and valiant.

This is the blessing of a broken heart.
It is the blessing of revelation,
of shrouds lifted,
pain exposed,
harsh daylight without relief.

Let all that is hidden come to light.
Let fire renew us.
Let there be trembling in the halls of power.
Let strong men cower.
Bring down the rulers from their thrones.

But lift up the lowly,
and see how the downtrodden rise.
Bring seats at the table for all who were cast out,
and crown them with dignity and power.

This is the blessing:
the gift of fire.
Fire that warms the homeless,
that illuminates all who are unseen,
that burns away what is putrid and evil.
Fire that translates pain and rage so all at last may understand.

Fire that will not leave us comfortless.